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How To Become a Certified Scuba Diver

Phase 1: Orientation / Classroom and Pool Instruction


Scuba diving lessons are broken into two units. These lessons are offered year-round at indoor pool facilities. The program begins at Professional Diving Resources with a class orientation. Typically, there are approximately 18-20 hours of classroom and pool training.


 Complete liability paperwork including medical questionnaire

 View liability video

 Discuss course materials and provide a curriculum overview

 Fitting for core diving equipment**


Classroom and pool training:

 Review digital training material

 Pool training: students learn the basics of scuba diving in a controlled water setting

 Missing a class can result in additional fees


Training material:

 The Digital training manual contains 6 chapters with video segments,

study-guide questions at the end of each chapter (you must score 100% to move on to next chapter)

 Final exam will be administered by instructor during classroom review.